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“Skills for Success”

Practical course on key personal effectiveness skills

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In this course, you:


Learn how to set goals and manage your time, prioritize and think systematically.


Understand how to create synergy in relationships. Learn the skills of active listening, effective communication, and constructive feedback.


Learn how to recuperate and be productive, realize the power of small steps and positive thinking.


3-step technology: video lessons / webinars, practical exercises and life hacks, Master Mind group and speakers' support.

Module 1.
Personal goals and priorities

  • Time management secrets
  • Systematic thinking
  • Personal planning
  • Key priorities based on your strategy

Module 2.
Communication and collaboration

  • Win-win approach
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Synergy in relationships and cooperation
  • Constructive feedback

Module 3.
Proactivity and positive thinking

  • Balance wheel
  • The power of small steps
  • Positive thinking
  • How to reduce stress and be productive

The course starts after payment is received

Participation is free under the age of 21.


Video lessons / webinars, homework, Master Mind group and Speakers' support.

  • Classes are held remotely in the form of video lessons and webinars — 3 pcs.
  • Practical homework assignments for independent work and checklists.


Oxana Nabok

An expert in leadership and organizational development.

  • Founder and Managing Partner of the consulting agency "Train Your Brain" and the "Leadership School" project.
  • EFQM Qualified Assessor (Leading European Excellence model) in the field of quality of business processes.
  • Expert for the RF Government award in the field of quality of business processes.
  • Head of the Change Management Committee of the Digital Experts Association.
  • Lecturer at the National University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, motivational coach.
  • Over 20 years of experience in change management, launching efficiency improvement projects, creating and developing teams, building management systems, both as Area HR Director for Russia & CIS at DHL Supply Chain, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sodexho, Vice President for Human Capital at ADV Group, and as an external consultant.
More about Oxana


Daria Metelskaya

  • Founder of the Mindfulness School
  • Motivational Coach
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Mindfulness Online Courses speaker
  • Mindfulness practices for self, teams, and organizations

“I went through a personal transformation from an anxious employee of an international corporation to an even more anxious business owner, and ultimately achieving a balance. I changed myself through personal growth programs, the wisdom of books and teachers, psychology, and various meditation techniques. It took me 5 years to collect the pieces of the puzzle. Now, equipped with knowledge, I am ready to guide others on the mastered path, sharing insights and energy with those seeking to break free from the endless rat race, embrace change, and find peace in any circumstances.”

More about Daria

Elena Gluhova

Doctor of Business Administration

  • MBA in Finance, business consultant, expert-practitioner.
  • Partner at the Consulting group "Germa" and the audit company SA Audit, specializing in reducing business and personal risks for business units, top-management, owners, and individual entrepreneurs.
  • 27 years of practical experience in Russian and international companies, roles include chief engineer, chief accountant, financial director, CFO, and COO of the group, as well as executive director in manufacturing companies, retail, creative and communication holdings, and construction.
  • 3 higher education degrees and various certificates, including higher engineering and technical, economic, legal and financial education, accounting and financial reporting according to international standards, management in the field of Internet technologies, business coaching, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Received training in Silicon Valley, attended courses at the US National University, California.
  • Conducts leading author's seminars and business workshops at institutions such as the Higher School of Economics, British School of Design, among others.
More about Elena


After payment, you get access to webinars and a Master Mind group of participants.

Format “I'm in chat”

  • Video lessons (3 pcs.)
  • Homework with instructions (3 pcs.)
  • Participation in a master mind group and help from colleagues
  • video recordings after webinars
  • additional checklist for efficiency


Format “I'm with the experts”

  • Video lessons (3 pcs.)
  • Homework with instructions (3 pcs.)
  • Two individual couching sessions, 60 minutes each from the speaker (career counseling)
  • video recordings after webinars
  • additional checklists for each webinar
  • access to materials and events of the Leadership School club


Recording of the open webinar “Conscious Effective Communication” of the Online Course “Success Skills”

Watch video

Webinar Recording "Emotional Intelligence and Stress Reduction Skills" of the Online Course "Success Skills"

Watch video

Recording a free webinar New Year's goal setting

Watch video


Natalia and Pavel D.Webinar “Emotional Intelligence and Stress Reduction Skills”

We are glad to share our feedback on the webinar "Emotional Intelligence and Stress Reduction Skills" from the youth stream of the online course "Success Skills." As a mother, I appreciate the relevance of this topic for children. In real life, they experience a significant amount of tension and stress, given their responsibilities and various activities, leaving little time for relaxation. The relaxation and stress relief techniques provided in the webinar have proven to be very helpful. Special thanks for the easy-to-understand presentation and examples that resonate with adolescents. During the lecture, my child was nodding in agreement with many points, and it seems that the mention of self-digging and the inability to let go of a problem situation for an extended period struck a chord. I also sought my son's opinion, and he said that it was highly informative, particularly appreciating the techniques and the emphasis on sensations in the legs.

We eagerly anticipate new and useful meetings! Thank you!

Lyudmila M.Online course “Skills for Success”

Thanks to the speakers and Leadership School for the course! I really liked the speakers' ability to "adapt" to the audience by providing relevant examples and illustrations of skills and selecting visual images suitable for the audience. The discussion on time management skills, illustrated with examples from the movie "Time," was brilliantly conducted. It is evident that the speakers have extensive experience and knowledge of the subject, making the material beneficial for diverse audiences. I would like to highlight the positive, creative, and friendly atmosphere during the training. The marathon format is well-suited for practicing skills. We will definitely participate again! I think that such skills are also valuable for employees in a corporate setting to enhance their personal productivity.

Marina F.Online course “Skills for Success”

Thank you very much for the course! My daughter and I participated in the stream for the whole family, and both of us were very pleased. The sections on goal setting and stress reduction skills were particularly helpful. The webinar on emotional intelligence and the ability to manage emotions was also very interesting. The webinars are conducted in an interactive format with live examples, and the material is well-adapted for the audience. I believe that the current education system lacks practical skills training, making this online course, with its techniques for managing time, emotions, and effective communication, very beneficial for today's young generation.

Elena T.Online course “Skills for Success”

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the Skills for Success course, in which my 14-year-old son and I participated from 25 to 27 August 2020. I can say without a doubt that the course was useful for both me and my son.

We chose the stream for teens. This age is not easy, with exams and self-determination in life on the horizon. Valuable advice from individuals who have built successful careers is particularly beneficial during this time. The information is presented with examples that are relatable and understandable for children. The course offers concrete and clear advice on finding one's place in life, time planning, stress relief in challenging situations, and more. Recognizing that stress is normal, everyone experiences it, and in many situations, it can be beneficial, already helps significantly reduce anxiety levels.

I highly recommend this course for adults as well, especially since there are streams tailored for employees of organizations and corporate formats. The course provides a wealth of information and life hacks on how to become more productive at work and in life, which is especially important during periods of change.

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