• Training programs in leadership, management, HR, sales, marketing and advertising areas
  • Different forms of training and team building activities, ranging from business training to online seminars, gamification, Master Mind groups, and edutainment
  • Customized programs per client request
  • Senior trainers and experts from Russian and international business schools
  • Unique training programs
  • Career counselling and motivational team coaching

Training programs

Key business skills training:

  • Active leadership and people management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Persuasive presentation and public speaking skills
  • Dealing with clients
  • Effective sales skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Dealing with difficult client, working through arguments
  • Creative thinking
  • Stress-management

Unique training and HR tools:

  • Active leadership
  • Talent management (star management)
  • Strategic and systematic HR management
  • Internal training Academy/University for personnel  development
  • Recruitment and executive search
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Performance appraisal and evaluation tools (KPIs, MBO)
  • «Management crossroads» interactive business  simulation

And other programs provided upon request

Corporate events

  • Corporate spirit and culture strengthening
  • Creation of unique team building events
  • Possible combination of learning and social activities
  • Creative formats

Create a mood - create a team!

A team comprises a diverse array of personalities and characters, with each person playing an important role in the organization. Every employee has shaped their worldview and life position prior to joining the company. The process of evolving into a cohesive and like-minded community through team building is a pivotal stage, holding equal significance for both small teams and large corporations.

We propose to build a team by revealing the talents of employees, providing opportunities for self-expression, and trying new, sometimes entirely unconventional, activities. This involves looking at each other in unusual circumstances, immersing ourselves in an atmosphere of creativity, participating in culinary or intellectual quizzes, and, most importantly, acquiring new skills and forming lasting impressions together as a team!

Engaging in interesting and stimulating activities can effectively bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds.

When it comes to training programs, we advocate for gaining a deeper understanding through a combination of professional expertise and the knowledge of trainers and experts. This involves activating participants' creative potential in an edutainment format, where education and entertainment intersect.

Moreover, the Train Your Brain team enthusiastically organizes joint holiday celebrations, providing creative ideas tailored specifically for your team. These events contribute significantly to team cohesion and enjoyment.


Training References

Sophia K.“Leadership in the Digital Environment” Course

I liked the "Leadership in the Digital Environment" course led by Oksana Anatolyevna Nabok. I learned a lot of new information that I can apply in my work. The content included a substantial theoretical aspect and useful practical exercises, which we actively engaged in as a team.

Diana E.“Digital Management and Performance Metrics” Course

The course "Digital Management and Performance Metrics" was very interesting. I especially liked the in-depth discussion of current trends and their possible application.

Anastasia S.“Management in the Digital Environment” Course

Following the completion of the "Management in the Digital Environment" course, I plan to implement a systematic approach in addressing tasks related to determining priority performance metrics in the digital environment within my work.

Alena M.“Digital Management” Course

The "Digital Management" course was very enriching and interesting for me. It provided a wealth of relevant and useful information. I am particularly interested in exploring the practical application of the Globus-SAPI model, ideally through an example from a specific company.

Alexander R.“Digital Management” Course

With regard to the "Digital Management" course, I really liked the balance between theory and practice, as well as the high interactivity of online classes. The format allowed everyone the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and express their position on the topics being studied.

Alina T.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

I really appreciate the supportive feedback from the trainer; it creates a welcoming environment where expressing thoughts and asking questions doesn't feel intimidating. Thank you very much!

Diana T.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

Today's seminar was very informative. I liked the group discussion of cases.

Oleg P.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

The grouping format within MS Teams was convenient, contributing to a highly structured workshop. The allocation of optimal time for task completion and feedback was well-managed. The trainer effectively emphasized the importance of each stage in building an effective presentation.

Maria R.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

I liked the group work as it helped to consolidate the covered material and provided an opportunity to practice negotiation skills.

Christina M.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

The seminar was very useful, and the new knowledge gained will enable us to enhance our communication in the future, not only with colleagues and work partners but also in our everyday interactions with friends. Oksana Anatolyevna, thank you so much!

Ksenia F.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

The provision of real-life cases greatly enriched the seminar, providing a practical application to complement the theoretical aspects. The opportunity to seek help and advice from the trainer proved to be highly motivating for our work. Thank you!

Elizabeth B.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

I thoroughly enjoyed the breakout sessions within each group during the training. This simplified communication in the current environment. Thank you very much for the training!

Irina M.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

I really liked this training and found it to be very relevant for me from the point of view of my work. I plan to put into practice the knowledge gained. I also liked the training format very much; the intriguing case study and group work motivated me to become even more engaged.

Elizaveta O.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

Thank you very much for the relevant cases and the applied analysis of the most necessary and challenging situations. The opportunity to experience both perspectives, as well as the teamwork and overall feedback, makes the workshop very dynamic and interesting.

Margarita S.Online seminar “Effective negotiations”

Thank you for your contribution. The trainer's immense interest in the subject matter and sincere desire to help us were evident throughout. The selection of cases for group work was highly relevant, providing valuable insights into how to behave in such situations.

Ekaterina E.Online training “Effective presentation”

The training was good! Thank you!

Diana T.Online training “Effective presentation”

The material overlapped somewhat with what we had studied earlier. However, it was still very interesting and useful! Thank you!

Tatyana O.Online training “Effective presentation”

I liked everything, thanks. As part of a one-stop solution - excellent!

Irina M.Online training “Effective presentation”

The training was very relevant, and I liked the fact that we were able to collaborate in teams using MS Teams. It is truly beneficial to talk and work together, especially in the current environment.

Oleg P.Online training “Effective presentation”

I liked the flow of information and the convenient grouping format within Microsoft Teams. Despite the distance-learning setting, the trainer actively participated in internal chats and helped with case-solving. Today's session provided a wealth of useful information — thanks!

Kristina M.Online training “Effective presentation”

At the seminar on improving presentation skills, it was very useful to receive guidance on the proper preparation of presentations before delivery, emphasizing the need to define goals, identify the target audience, and develop a presentation plan. While some information and techniques seemed obvious, the practical group exercises played a key role in reinforcing and applying these techniques effectively. I extend my sincere thanks to Oksana Anatolyevna for the valuable seminar!

Maria R.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

I really liked this training; thank you. Despite being familiar with many of the techniques, such as the balance wheel, one tends to forget about them from time to time. The training serves as a reminder to not only concentrate on key tasks but also to consider mental and physical health. Similarly, it underscores the importance of competent task prioritization, which greatly helps in planning personal time and increasing overall efficiency.

Ekaterina R.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Thank you very much for the interactive training and your willingness to address all questions at any time. This is very valuable and important, particularly for a trainer.

Margarita S.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Thanks a lot for this training. It has helped me realize the importance of maintaining a life balance. It's not just about trying to achieve for goals with all available resources but also about discovering hobbies and activities that provide relaxation and enjoyment. These pursuits, in turn, can positively impact performance when working towards objectives.

Fariza P.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

I learned a new technique for self-improvement and concluded that, for personal purposes, I should incorporate questions related to health and physical intellect into my routine.

Tatyana O.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Thanks for organizing the training and providing tools for planning and systematic thinking!

Irina M.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Everything was perfect; it was one of the most important activities in my opinion. The only suggestion I have is that it would have been more convenient for me if it had taken place earlier. In that case, I could have allocated a percentage of my "focus" to work and study in my personal plan. Considering the understanding of the workload in other areas, I could have set more realistic goals for myself. At the current time, it turns out that I may have overexerted myself a bit with work and study.

Oleg P.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

The business trainer is super! It is immediately clear that she has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the topic. She answers our questions straight away and articulates the fundamental information in her speech very effectively.

Maxim B.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

The seminar was very interesting, well-structured, and the opportunity to immediately apply the learned techniques to one's own development plan is a big plus.

Elizabeth B.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Thanks a lot for the interesting theory, confirmed by figures and facts during the training.

Marina N.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

It was very useful to reflect not only on the topic of career plans and goals, but also to describe goals for self-improvement.

Ksenia F.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

Thank you for the excellent course of lectures and for taking the time to conduct seminar classes. It was particularly valuable to finalize our development plans in real-time during the training.

Kristina M.Online training “Planning and skills of system thinking”

During the seminar on planning and goal achievement, it was very useful to learn about the wheel of goals and evaluate oneself using this technique. This is especially relevant during the lockdown period, given the available free time to delve into goals and future plans in greater detail. Oksana Anatolyevna, thank you very much for the seminar!


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