Human Resource Management
Digital culture and its formation mechanisms

November 2022 | Oxana Nabok
Human Resource Management
How to scale a company, rather than draining resources

October 2022 | Oxana Nabok
Collection of materials of the XIII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference
Digital HR. How to increase team productivity and create a culture of innovation.

October 2022 | Oxana Nabok
Cabinet de l'art
Why are relationships more important than processes?

April 2022 | Evgeniya Plokhikh
Human Resource Management
Are Makarenko's ideas about education relevant in business today?

February 2022 | Oxana Nabok
Human Resource Management
Metaskills - a multiverse inside that will help you become a superhero

August 2021 | Oxana Nabok
“Formula” of a modern leader

March 2021 | Оксана Набок
Human Resource Management
Trends of a new reality through the eyes of Digital Experts Assiciation

February 2021 | Oxana Nabok
"Press Service" magazine
7 reasons why you need an internal communication strategy

July 2020 | Oxana Nabok
HR Human Resources Magazine
Whole Nature

July 2008 | Oxana Nabok
«Company» Magazine
10 cooks

March 2008
National Business
Private opinion

March 2008
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