About the agency

Why us?

  • Train your brain offers a strategic and systematic approach to managing your organization and team. Each project is unique and takes into account the goals and characteristics of the organization.

  • A team of professional practitioners, Train your brain has extensive experience working with HR directors within organizations and is well aware of the strategic and operational challenges facing HR departments and is able to find effective and practical solutions.

  • Train your brain offers creative and individual approaches based on the culture and objectives of the organization.

  • Train your brain creates exclusive HR technologies, tools and unique programs. We have exclusive HR developments and training, many of which are developed independently, taking into account current trends, practical experience and knowledge.

The story of Train your brain

Train your brain was created by Oxana Nabok on September 26, 2007. Press release on Sostav.ru: Ex-Vice President of Human Resources ADV  created a new company in the arena of advertising, marketing and HR - TRAIN YOUR BRAIN.

For more than 20 years Oxana has been working in senior leadership positions in HR and organizational development in such organizations as DHL Supply Chain, IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), Sodexo, Roskachestvo, ADV advertising group and a large number of successfully implemented management consulting projects in HR & business process optimization.

Key expertise:

As the Managing Partner of Train your brain, Oxana Nabok conducts strategic sessions, trainings and leads key projects of the agency. Oxana is included in the 2023 Personnel Management magazine top 50 business coaches and consultants of the Russian Federation. Train your brain team consists of HR experts (ex HRDs), experienced trainers, business consultants & recruiters.

In 2019, Train your brain launched LeadershipSchool project for professionals of various skills in the field of leadership, including the social project LeadershipSchool 12+ for adolescents and #youcandoit - seminars on personal effectiveness and motivational events. The mission of the project is to help the younger generation become the leaders of their life and make their dreams come true.

Competitive Advantages Of Train Your Brain:

  • Systematic
  • Practical
  • Mobile
  • Creative
Our competitive advantages are closely linked to our corporate culture, to which we are strongly committed.

Values of  Train Your Brain:

  • Client-centricity (external and internal)
  • Continuous self-development
  • Partnership, Reliability and Performance-driven
  • Social Responsibility and Creation
  • Creativity, Optimism and Openness
  • Collaboration and teamwork

The competencies of our team:

  • Focus on high quality and results

    Providing top quality services on time.

  • Continuous self-development and initiative

    The desire to exceed expectations, the search for new approaches, the desire to improve.

  • Customer focus (external and internal customer-centricity)

    Demonstration of sincere interest in the activities of organizations - Train Your Brain clients, willingness to focus all efforts on identifying client needs and implementing the most effective solutions for successfully completing tasks.

  • Partnership and collaboration

    The ability to build long-term relations, win win approach, the desire for cooperation.

  • Creation, willingness and desire to participate in social projects

    The desire to make the world a better place.

  • Constructive approach and teamwork

    The desire to be part of the team and work together on the result, win win approach. There is a way out of any situation - you just need to find it.

If you want to become part of our team or participate in joint projects, send your resume or information about you to e-mail onabok@trainyourbrain.eu.com

We look forward to collaborating!