• Conducting strategic sessions to develop mission, strategy, values, and vision.
  • Decomposition of strategy into a roadmap.
  • Development of a Management by Objectives system (MBO).
  • Determination of the optimal organizational model for digital transformation management, the formation of project and product teams, along with the choice of an approach to the implementation of digital initiatives.
  • Strategic session on the diagnostics of corporate culture.


  • A set of projects aimed at shaping corporate culture for the successful implementation of digital transformation and team engagement in organizational changes
  • Creation of models of corporate competencies, taking into account the development of digital skills and their integration into the personnel assessment system
  • Formation of philosophy, values, and code of interaction in the organization
  • Engagement Surveys – Test Request
  • Corporate Culture Audit – Test Request
  • Gamification of processes and internal marketing


  • Formation and implementation of integrated digital metrics of the organization's performance
  • Development of non-monetary motivation supporting the achievement of priority metrics and implementation of the project in the gamification format
  • Development and implementation of an effective contract system in organizations
  • Formation of systems of long-term motivation
  • Building a system for assessing the potential for the development of competencies and investment in training
  • Implementation of OKR, KPIs, SAPI globe (Stakeholders Agile Performance Indicators)


  • Audit of organizational design for digital transformation
  • Digital team: building digital processes for recruiting, evaluating and improving employee productivity
  • Audit of HR system
  • Creation of corporate standards and processes
  • Implementation of the Agile office concept: optimization of office space, taking into account the combination of online and offline formats
  • Improving the efficiency of team interaction in a hybrid format (online + offline)


  • Assessment of managerial and professional competencies
  • Audit and creation of competency models
  • Creation of training and talent management systems
  • Team assessment
  • Development of a mentoring system and attracting young professionals
  • Implementation of a culture of coaching and succession planning


  • Executive coaching 
  • Career counseling
  • Motivational team coaching
  • Team synchronization
  • Development plans
  • Transformational coaching
  • Burnout Prevention and Personal Effectiveness

Authors of SAPI Globe: Oxana Nabok and Elena Glukhova

Elena Glukhova
Doctor of Business Administration, Senior lecturer at the Department of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship of the Griboyedov Moscow University, author of publications / speaker of conferences on the innovative potential of organizations, management accounting, data-driven approaches and KPIs in the context of digital transformation. 30 years of practical work in business, expert of the Change Management Committee of the Association of Digital Experts.


Arina ChurikovaScreenwriter and writer

Today, I had an invaluable experience during a career coaching session with Oxana Nabok. Before the session, I had prepared several questions and was worried about which one to start with as I assumed we'd only have time to discuss one matter. However, we managed to address all my concerns and more. One of these questions had been worrying me for over two years, and I am delighted to have finally understood what I can change. Together with Oxana, we found practical solutions to two important career issues, and, importantly, these solutions turned out to be simple and feasible—something I hadn't recognized before the session. The coaching session itself unfolded in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which was important for me.

I have already written down the steps to achieve my goal and started doing what will bring me closer to the desired result, specifically starting to write my long-awaited short film.

Anastasia GrishchenkoHead of PRosto Communication Agency

With so many coaches at one’s disposal nowadays, I’ve chosen to work with Oksana Nabok and this collaboration has proven to be optimal for me. I have felt extremely comfortable talking to her, sharing my ideas and thoughts due to her friendly, open, and calm demeanour. The most important aspect for me during these sessions has been Oksana's "no pressure mode." She has not tried to impose her views on me, a tendency that often occurs in coaching, and I have never felt cornered. Through her skilful questioning during our sessions, I have gained diverse perspectives on my life situations and after each conversation, I have felt understood and presented with a structured result.

Alexander Mikhailovich TsvetkovDeputy Director for Administrative Affairs of the “Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education”

We had a successful and effective collaboration with Oksana Nabok on a project aimed at assessing the organizational structure and competencies of employees, in order to create a training and development program tailored to the needs of our organization.

Ekaterina MovsesyanCEO of СROS

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the “Train your brain” agency and Managing Partner Oxana Nabok for conducting a strategic session on developing values for employees and for the high-quality selection of professionals for our team of experts.

Ivan VerkhovskyManaging director of WELNA eco spa resort hotel chain

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the "Train Your Brain" agency, and specifically to its leader, Oxana Nabok, for providing leadership training to the heads of various departments within our hotel chain. Additionally, we appreciate the efforts in creating values and a Code for employees, enhancing the optimal implementation of our company's mission. A special acknowledgment goes to the professional team of recruiters for the successful selection of valuable additions to our team.

Julia OvchinnikovaDirector of International Sales Department, Savils

We successfully worked with Oxana Nabok on the development and implementation of our corporate values within the Company. It was a very important period as our goal was to make our external and internal company rebranding, integrating all business units and separate agencies into one cohesive holding with shared values. The objective was to formulate company values and competencies for employees based on global positioning, local market dynamics, and team priorities, integrating these competencies into key business processes and company policies.

Oxana was extremely helpful in developing and implementing our new internal positioning. This entailed the development of a change strategy, overseeing change management for the initial 6 months of implementation until the internal Change Committees started to work independently. Oxana moderated strategic sessions and discussions, organized training and development events (e.g., driving change), orchestrated a Company Day to announce new values and objectives to employees, and served as a senior and experienced Consultant for key team members to ensure the successful implementation of all necessary steps aligned with the chosen and approved strategy.

Oleg KrylovManaging Director and Owner of Saco, British beauty salon chain

We want to sincerely thank Oxana Nabok and the Train Your Brain agency for their work on projects undertaken for Saco. This includes motivational training and team building initiatives, the development of key team functional job descriptions, the creation of policies related to roles and responsibilities for shared services, individual coaching, and assistance in formulating the best values for our Company Mission, in terms of working as one dream team. We are looking forward to future collaboration.

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