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Train Your Brain – consulting agency specializing in team management and organizational development

Our mission

We untap the full potential of organizations through a culture of innovation, motivation, and the development of team competencies.

Our philosophy

Organizational development and efficiency: building a team as a seamlessly integrated, healthy organism.


Train Your Brain activities:

Management consulting

We reveal the potential hidden within inefficient processes and communications. Our analysis encompasses management systems, team engagement, business processes, organizational design, and corporate culture; we create meaningful KPIs and facilitate strategic sessions to formulate and deconstruct strategies, taking into account the team's corporate philosophy and values; we establish a continuum of expertise and a talent development system through modern competency models; we implement changes and help to transform.

Training & online courses

Unique seminars and online courses. Train Your Brain develops personal effectiveness skills and active leadership competencies: team management, change management, time management and project management; creating performance metrics; coaching management style; developing successful negotiation techniques, among others. The Train Your Brain portfolio consists of convenient and modern formats, ready-made solutions, and individualized developments tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Leadership School

Developing and conducting online seminars and motivational events focused on active leadership and management skills for professionals with varying levels of training and future leaders. One of the unique elements of Leadership School #youcandothis is a social project for the younger generation which imparts essential skills in personal effectiveness, time management, project management, team leadership, goal-setting, and other important aspects, in order to empower individuals to become leaders in their own lives and achieve their dreams.

Team building

Many organizations, especially those who have previously explored conventional team-building approaches, will find value in the distinctive Train Your Brain programs which extend to incorporating creative team-building initiatives and a combination of educational and entertaining activities (often referred to as "edutainment"), ranging from mountain excursions to sailing regattas.


Recruitment & executive search

With an extensive pool of candidates and direct search skills, Train Your Brain consultants specialize in selecting teams for middle and top management positions, including identifying potential candidates for the board of directors of organizations.

Business Coaching

Certified Train Your Brain coaches increase team effectiveness, inspire results-driven performance, help in drawing up development plans, address limiting beliefs, and support managers in both professional and personal transformations.


Gorbachev, Alexander VladimirovichManaging Partner and CEO of HT Lab | Laboratory of Humanitarian Technologies

We thank the team of experts from the Train your brain agency for a joint project on evaluating managers in order to develop the competencies of the talent pool and create a training program for the production company.

Kostyuk Svetlana GeorgievnaDirector of the MISIS University of Science & Technology Resources Development Center

We would like to thank Oxana Anatolevna Nabok for her practical expertise and the quality of teaching at the MBA program “Human Resource Management in the mining and metallurgical industry” for company executives and HR directors.

V. I. BorodinGeneral Director of Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk

A letter of thanks to Oxana Anatolevna Nabok, an expert in assesing organizations – applicants for the Government of the Russian Federation award in the field of quality for high professionalism in the expert assessment of the participant in the competition for the Government of the Russian Federation awards in the field of quality 2023.

The Institute for Social Sciences (ISS)

Oxana Nabok, Managing Partner of the Train Your Brain Consulting Agency, has been selected as the best teacher for the academic year 2022-2023 by the students of the Crisis management program at the Institute of Social Sciences (Ranepa).

Thank you for appreciating my efforts!

Peter GalusExecutive Director of Coral

We thank the Train your brain team for successfully closing vacancies and recruiting employees to our team.

Alevtina TinasChief Data Officer

We express our gratitude to Oxana Nabok for conducting a foresight session, strategically shaping the vision for the further development and synchronization of the Tele2 Data Office team.

A.A. YumshanovGeneral Director of KAVKAZ.RF

The management of KAVKAZ.RF thanks the group of consultants, including Oxana Nabok, for the successful development of the digital transformation strategy for our organization, encompassing HR strategy and initiatives.

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna EclairHead of the Entrepreneurship Support Center of the My Business project of the Republic of Khakassia

We thank Oxana Nabok, the founder of Train Your Brain agency, for the informative and valuable training sessions on team management conducted in June 2023 for entrepreneurs of the Republic of Khakassia. Fascinating practices and cases, coupled with the engaging presentation of the material and a positive atmosphere, laid the foundation for productive interaction and communication among the participants. We look forward to future cooperation!

Evgenia ShabuninaFinance Director

We thank the team of consultants at Train Your Brain agency for their high-quality and prompt recruitment of employees for our organization. Keep up the excellent work!

Julia ZhokhovaChief Community Leader

Many thanks to Oxana Nabok, a valued member of our community, for her initiative in creating a working group and developing the corporate code for our community. Oxana has guided the team through the process of creating and implementing an important document that encapsulates our philosophy and values.

Now the code helps us to not only integrate and onboard new members effectively but also to provide our existing members with a clear and actionable guide to our principles, and also reflects our core values and highlights what is important to us as a community.

Oxana has expertly guided us on this transformative journey, assisting in the formulation and understanding of our identity through an inspiring document. Her structured approach, coupled with a gentle presentation of information and persistent commitment to achieving the best result, have enabled us to navigate this path quickly and efficiently. In just 2-3 meetings, Oxana's expertise facilitated the creation of a well-structured document, rich in details. Thanks a lot to Oxana for sharing her knowledge, experience, wisdom, positive energy, and a harmonious blend of persistence and inspiration.

Yenshina E.V.Head of the national Branch of WiN Russia

We would like to thank Oxana Nabok, an expert in change management and organizational development. As the founder of Train Your Brain and Leadership School, Head of the Change Management Committee at the Association of Digital Experts, Expert of the RF Government Award in the field of quality, EFQM Assessor, and lecturer at esteemed institutions such as HSE, FU, RANEPA, and MISIS, Oxana has made a significant contribution to the development of the Kolba Scientific Award for Women in Science and Technology as a Trustee. Her consistent support of the award's initiatives and participation in its events as a speaker are highly valued.

The Institute for Social Sciences (ISS)

Oxana Nabok, Managing Partner of the Train Your Brain Consulting Agency, has been selected as the best teacher for the academic year 2021-2023 by the students of the European Business, Languages & Culture program at the Institute of Social Sciences (Ranepa).

Thank you for your trust!

International School of Business (Institute) of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

The Financial University expresses its gratitude to Oxana Nabok, an expert in organizational development and change management, Managing Partner of Train Your Brain Consulting Agency, and an invited Professor at FU, for a successful collaboration in organizing and conducting educational programs aimed at developing talents, nurturing high-potential leaders for organizations, and guiding MBA students. We thank Oxana for her delivery of engaging and insightful material, active participant involvement, and the high quality of teaching.

Alexey Lvovich PuchkovAssociate Professor, PhD, MBA. Director of the Center for the Development of Advanced Competencies of Industry Leaders at MISIS, University of Science & Technology

MISIS University of Science & Technology thanks Oxana Nabok, Managing Partner of the Train Your Brain Agency, for her cooperation in the creation and implementation of MBA and DBA educational programs. We thank Oxana for the high quality and skillful teaching that she has contributed to these programs.

Conferences Job and the city 2022Organizing Committee

On behalf of the organizing committee, we thank Oxana Nabok for participating in the Job and the City 2022 conference as both a speaker and a moderator! We appreciate her active involvement and willingness to share her expertise with a wide audience.

The concept of Job and the City, along with the conference topics, are very relevant today. The conference broadcast garnered an impressive viewership of over 327,000 on the VK platform, featuring insights from 96 speakers across 44 sessions in the business program.

Technocrat Company

Technocrat Company expresses its gratitude to Oxana Nabok for her participation as a moderator during HR Days at the annual conference and exhibition, TECH WEEK 2022 at Skolkovo Technopark.

Thank you very much and see you at our future engagements!

L.N. Aksenovskaya, Saratov State UniversityDoctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

Many thanks to Oxana Nabok, expert in change management and organizational development, founder of the consulting agency Train Your Brain and Leadership School, head of the committee of Digital Experts Association, and assessor of the EFQM model in the field of business process excellence for conducting a master class entitled “Culture of Innovation: the impact of the corporate environment on successful innovation and continuous improvement. Step-by-step algorithm of its formation in the organization,” as well as participating as a speaker in the XIII All-Russian Scientific and Practical conference “Organizational Psychology: People and Risks.”

Yenshina E.V.Head of the national Branch of WiN Russia

Thank you to Oxana Nabok, expert in change management and organizational development, founder of the consulting agency Train Your Brain and Leadership School, head of the committee of Digital Experts Association, and assessor of the EFQM model in the field of business process excellence, for her contribution to the development of the forum “Women in Science and Technology – 2022” and her participation as a speaker of the section “Business and science – effective communication”.

Alexander Mikhailovich TsvetkovDeputy Director for Administrative Affairs of the “Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education”

We successfully and effectively collaborated with Oxana Nabok on a project to assess the organizational structure and employee competencies in order to create a training and development program for our organization.

Denis Alexandrovich LosevGeneral Director of Cyber Samurai

We had a successful collaboration with the Train Your Brain team in recruiting specialists for our digital agency. They worked very quickly and efficiently.

Ekaterina MovsesyanCEO of СROS

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the “Train Your Brain” agency and Managing Partner, Oxana Nabok, for conducting a strategic session on developing values for our employees, and for the high-quality selection of professionals for our team of experts.

Ivan VerkhovskyManaging Director of the WELNA eco spa resort hotel chain

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Train Your Brain agency, and specifically to its leader, Oxana Nabok, for providing leadership training to the heads of various departments within our hotel chain. We are also appreciative of the efforts in crafting values and a Code of Conduct for our employees, contributing to the optimal implementation of our company's mission.

Special mention goes to the professional team of TYB recruiters for their successful executive search and recruitment efforts in enhancing our team.

Mikhail NefedovGeneral Director, The Moscow Eye Clinic

The Moscow Eye Clinic, represented by Mikhail Alekseevich Nefedov, General Director, thanks the Train Your Brain team for the prompt and high-quality selection of an HR manager for the Clinic during the pandemic. Despite the challenges of conducting online interviews, the recruitment process was efficiently organized. We look forward to continued fruitful cooperation on new projects.

Oleg KrylovManaging Director and Owner of Saco, British beauty salon chain

We would like to sincerely thank Oxana Nabok and the Train Your Brain agency for the projects conducted for Saco. These include motivational training and team building, the development of key team functional job descriptions, the formulation of policies related to roles and responsibilities for shared services, individual coaching, and assistance in creating the best values for our Company Mission in terms of fostering a cohesive dream team. We look forward to further cooperation.

Julia OvchinnikovaDirector of International Sales Department, Savils

We had a successful collaboration with Oxana Nabok on the development and implementation of our Corporate values in the Company. This period was crucial as it involved external and internal Company rebranding, as well as the integration of all business units and separate agencies into one unified holding with shared values. The goal was to create Company values and competencies for employees based on global positioning, local market priorities, and team considerations, integrating these competencies into key business processes and Company Policies.

Oxana played a crucial role in developing and implementing our new internal positioning. This included formulating a change strategy, and managing change throughout the initial 6 months of implementation until the internal Change Committees became independent. Oxana moderated strategic sessions and discussions, organized training and development events (such as driving change), established a Company Day to announce new values and objectives to employees, and acted as a senior and experienced consultant for key team members, guiding them through the necessary steps to implement the chosen and approved strategy.

Ekaterina VenkinaProject Manager of the Productivity Improvement Center All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade

Dear Oxana Anatolyevna!

On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Productivity Improvement Center of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, we sincerely thank you for supporting the National Project “Labor Productivity and Employment Support” and for your direct participation as an expert in the final certification commissions for the protection of projects of participants in the management training program “Productivity Leaders” in 2019. Your contribution to the implementation of our program is very important for the project and its participants! We will be glad to continue such productive cooperation in the future.

We wish you professional success and new ambitious projects in the coming New Year 2020!

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