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“Leadership in a new reality #teamrules”

Do you dream to become a successful leader and easily manage constant changes?

This course will help you to speak the same language with your boss and build a team that works for results.

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During the course you:


Learn to integrate the team with the organization's goals, taking into account constant change, develop a common priority focus and achieve maximum results in a new reality.


Acquire the agile strategy mindset while managing a complementary team through engagement, motivation for results and measurable performance indicators.


Learn to create and maintain an ecosystem inside and outside the organization, contributing to the new ideas, constant processes improvement and the mutual development of all stakeholders.


Step-by-step technology of 3 modules: video lessons / webinars, practical exercises and useful checklists.

Module 1.
Strategic leadership

  • Strategic thinking / management by objecties (MBO) / Value based management
  • Goal decomposition and digital performance metrics
  • Change management and crisis management
  • Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals for Effective Management

Module 2.
Managing diversity and mixed Intelligence Teams: Human+AI

  • Flexible organizational design and project teams
  • Building a complementary team / Diversity and Employer brand
  • Team drivers / Motivation in a new reality and engagement tools
  • Remote work
  • Coaching Management Style for Leader' and Team' Development - Launching a Self-Developing Organization

Module 3.
Ecosystem and organizational context

  • Corporate environment. An algorithm for creating a corporate culture open to innovation and continuous processes' improvement
  • Agile strategy and data driven approach for agile governance in a digital environment
  • Burnout prevention and high quality of life

Course start immediately after payment

Participation under the age of 21 is free.


Webinars / introductory lessons, homework and master mind group support, review of homework and participant' questions.

  • Classes are held remotely in the form of video lessons and webinars — 12 pcs.
  • Practical homework assignments for independent work with useful checklists.


Oxana Nabok

An expert in leadership and organizational development.

  • Founder and Managing partner of the consulting agency Train your brain and Leadership School project.
  • EFQM Qualified Assessor (Leading European Excellence model) in the field of quality of business processes.
  • Expert of the RF Government award in the field of quality of business processes.
  • Head of the Сhange Management Committee of Digital Experts Association.
  • Lecturer at the National University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, motivational coach.
  • More than 20 years of experience in change management, launching improvement efficiency projects, creating and developing teams, building management systems, both as Area HR Director for Russia & CIS DHL Supply Chain, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sodexho, Vice President for Human Capital of ADV Group, and as an external consultant.
More about Oxana


Evgenia Vlasova

Business transformation and change management speaker

  • Evgenia built successful cross functional career in the world leading international companies.
  • She held top positions in Supply, Logistics and Sales, both in Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Currently she leads business of the world biggest brewing company as a General Manager for Ireland. In her professional career Evgenia developed strong leadership skills, expertise in business transformation and M&A’s.

Ekaterina Plys

PhD in psychology at the Higher School of Public Health in Geneva

  • An expert in emotional regulation and stress management, goal setting and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Currently teaches at the Swiss Distance University Institute (UniDistance Suisse) and at the Higher School of Public Health in Geneva (Haute école de santé de Genève).
  • Provides training and private counselling on anxiety and stress reduction and healthy lifestyle.
  • Основатель проекта My Human Science.

The main goal of the My Human Science project is to use scientific knowledge to help people maintain and improve their health. Check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds for trusted health insights and best practices for healthy eating, fitness and stress management.

However, our task is not only to inform people, but also to help them change their lives. Our trainings are based on the principles of behavioral change and help people to develop and consolidate new skills and prevent relapses. In preparing our programs, we are based on modern psychological theories and models. We use scientifically tested techniques that are proven to be the most effective.

Our values: transparency in work, ethics, practical relevance and the principle of "do no harm".

More about Ekaterina

Elena Gluhova

Doctor of Business Administration

  • MBA Finance, business consultant, expert-practitioner
  • Partner of the Consulting group "Germa", audit company SA Audit to reduce business and personal risks for business-units, top-management, owners, individual entrepreneurs
  • 27 years of practical experience in Russian and foreign companies: chief engineer, chief accountant, financial director, CFO and COO of the group, executive director in manufacturing companies, retail, creative and communication holdings, construction.
  • 3 higher education + certificates and degrees: higher engineering and technical, economic, legal and financial education, accounting and financial reporting according to international standards, management in the field of Internet technologies, business coach, DBA (Doctor of Business Administration). Trainings in Silicon Valley, courses at US National University, California
  • Leading author's seminars and business workshops at the Higher School of Economics, British School of Design, etc.
More about Elena


Format «I myself»

  • Video lessons (12 pcs.)
  • Participation in webinars
  • Homework with instructions & checklists (12 pcs.)
  • Video recordings after webinars


Format «I'm in chat»

  • Video lessons (12 pcs.)
  • Homework with instructions (12 pcs.)
  • Participation in a master mind group during training
  • Video recordings after webinars
  • Additional checklist for personal effectiveness
  • Access to the Leadership School Club of Successful Managers: events, webinars, library, exchange of experience.


Format «I'm with the experts»

  • Video lessons (12 pcs.)
  • Homework with instructions (12 pcs.)
  • Three individual 1 hour couching sessions with a Speaker during the course
  • Video recordings after webinars
  • Additional checklists of organozational performance indicators
  • Access to the Leadership School Club of Successful Leaders: events, webinars, library, exchange of experience
  • Three individual 1 hour couching sessions with a speaker after the course (valid 3 months after the graduation)


Free master-classes videos

Recording of the master class “How to develop a remote team?”

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Recording of the webinar “Algorithm for successful implementation of changes”

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Recording of the master class “Prevention of emotional burnout”

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Recording of the master class “How to Choose Priority Performance Indicators in the digital environment?”

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